Our Story


A note from our founder

My work with designers and linen for over 10 years has brought me to this point- starting my own linen line. Linen has a huge place in the Lithuanian heritage and thus it had always meant a lot to me. Having spent most of my adult life abroad, and after having my first child, I decided to get back to my roots and linen simply came around naturally.

Laumė family linen is all about beautiful and sustainable pieces for the whole family. In this world where we are always rushing it is good to slow down sometimes and to enjoy the little things. At the end of the day, it's the little things that matter.

Laumė's most cherished values are sustainability, social commitment, zero waste. We produce on demand, respect the planet and those living in it (cruelty free & vegan friendly). Every piece is all natural fibre based & biodegradable. We encourage slow living & handcraft.

And the main message we send out to our beloved customers is buy less, but buy better.

Kindest wishes from Vilnius,


laume linen label being held

Starting small

We have always loved linen and its many qualities, such as its breathability, durability, eco-friendliness, and versatility. We wanted to share our love for linen with others, and decided to start making our own linen products by hand. We were lucky to find lovely and skilled seamstresses who joined us in our journey, and together we formed Laumė linen, a small family business that creates hand-made linen products inspired by traditional Lithuanian and Scandinavian folklore.

natural linen bedding set for toddlers close up

Bringing linen to children

One of our goals at Laumė linen is to bring linen products to children. We believe that kids deserve the best quality and comfort that linen can offer. We create hand-made linen clothing, bedding and accessories for babies and kids, using natural and certified fabrics and dyes, to ensure everything is hypoallergenic for the sensitive skin. We also design our products with fun and colorful patterns, inspired by traditional folklore. We hope that our linen products will make kids happy and curious, and that they can enjoy their childhood with the freedom and effortlessness that linen represents and brings.

Adding a touch of folklore to linen

At Laumė linen, we love adding a touch of folklore to our linen products. We believe that folklore is a rich source of inspiration and creativity, as well as a way of connecting with our roots and heritage. We also incorporate stories and legends from folklore into our product descriptions, labels, and packaging, to give our customers a glimpse into the mystical and magical world of linen. Find out more in our blog