Baby and Kids

At Laumė Linen, we create hand-made linen accessories for babies and kids, using 100% linen fabrics and natural dyes. Our products are designed with love and care, keeping in mind the comfort and happiness of your little ones. We offer a range of baby swaddles, natural linen toddler bedding, baby cot fitted sheets and linen bed pocket organiser.

Transform your little one's space into a haven of comfort and charm with Laumė linen's Baby and Kids Room Collection. Each piece, from bedding to accessories, is lovingly crafted from hypoallergenic, natural European linen, ensuring a safe and soothing environment for your child. Featured products in our collection include: Natural Linen Pillowcase - Soft and gentle for a restful night's sleep, available in playful patterns. Linen Baby Bed Pocket Organizer - Keep essentials within reach with this stylish and functional organizer. Linen Baby Cot Fitted Sheet - Ensure comfort and durability with our snug, breathable fitted sheets. Natural Linen Baby Bedding Set - Create a harmonious and inviting nursery with our complete bedding set. Linen Storage Bag - Perfect for organizing toys and essentials, adding a touch of neatness to the room.
Laumė linen's Baby and Kids Room Collection brings a touch of nature and simplicity to your child's room, combining functionality with the timeless beauty of linen.