Linen Fabric

Whether you're sewing a summer dress, designing custom linens for your home, or adding a touch of linen elegance to your fashion line our "Linen Fabric Collection" is a treasure trove for artisans, designers, and DIY enthusiasts. Find a wide range of linen fabrics, from classic neutrals to vibrant hues: Deep Blue, Berry Red, Beige Stripes, Forrest Green, Softened White, Oatmeal.

Delve into Laumė linen's linen fabric collection, where the art of linen stitch meets sustainable elegance. Our collection, showcasing linen made from high-quality European flax, is perfect for a range of crafting and home décor projects. Each fabric is available in a palette of colors: natural, checked red linen, linen green, just to name a few. Our fabric embodies eco-friendly sophistication and durability. Ideal for both professional designers and DIY enthusiasts, our eco linen collection is a treasure trove for those who appreciate the craft of linen stitch. Bring your creative visions to life from our linen studio with Laumė linen's exquisite fabric selection.