SS24 Women's Linen Collection

SS24 Women's Linen Collection

The Inspiration Behind Our New Women’s Collection

Laumė linen is proud to unveil our latest women’s collection, a line that speaks to the heart with its roots deeply embedded in the natural world, the timeless allure of vintage fashion, and the celebration of femininity. Each piece in this collection is more than just clothing; it’s a narrative woven from the threads of inspiration that surround us.

yellow Linen dress

Nature’s Palette

As you browse through our collection, you’ll notice the influence of the Lithuanian landscape. The soft hues of dawn, the rich greens of our forests, and the tranquil blues of the Baltic Sea and summer sky are reflected in our choice of colors. We’ve selected fabrics that not only embody the tactile quality of the natural world but also resonate with the organic flow of life. Our Linen Wrap Dress- Salomėja, for example, mirrors the gentle embrace of a summer breeze and sunlight, perfect for those golden afternoons.

Vintage Charm

Vintage fashion is timeless, and its influence on our collection is unmistakable. We’ve taken the elegance of yesteryears and infused it with contemporary sensibilities to create pieces that are both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Our Classic Linen Skirt- Vakarė harks back to the days of grace and poise, redesigned for the modern woman who moves with purpose and style.

Feminine Silhouettes

Femininity is at the core of our collection. We celebrate it through designs that flatter and empower. Our silhouettes are designed to highlight the strength and beauty of the female form, with comfort as a cornerstone. The Flowy Linen Dress with Ruffles- Ona is a testament to this, offering a soft yet assertive presence that complements the wearer’s inner and outer beauty.

Sustainable Elegance

In crafting this collection, we’ve remained true to our commitment to sustainability. Each piece is a pledge to our planet, using 100% European linen sourced responsibly and ethically by OEKO-TEX-100 standards. We believe that fashion should not come at the earth’s expense, and our practices reflect this belief.


The new women’s collection from Laumė linen is a tribute to the inspirations that shape our world. It’s a celebration of nature, a nod to the vintage, and an ode to femininity—all wrapped in the sustainable embrace of linen. We invite you to explore the whole collection and find your own connection with the stories woven into each piece.

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